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The paperwork now required to litigate a claim is overwhelming. We have developed a series of procedures which help us maintain the efficient and orderly flow of our day to day business so that we can keep all of our files current. Professionally trained assistants help us keep up this pace. These para-professionals are used much the same way that nurses are used by doctors to help them treat as many patients as possible.

All of our staff members have extensive training in handling workers' compensation and personal injury cases and they regularly attend seminars in order to keep up with any new developments in the law.

The Legal Specialization Program's logo is a symbol of distinction. Use of the logo is intended to present a consistent, identifiable image for specialization apart from the regular Bar membership. The logo is recognizable by the profession and the general public as an indication of a continuing effort toward excellence in the field of law.


Raymond Frost  is certified by the California State Bar as a specialist in Workers' Compensation


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